PMPL South Asia 2020: Team INES pulled out a surprise by winning their first Chicken Dinner of the tournament in Match 4 of Day 1 of Week 2 in Vikendi.

PMPL South Asia 2020 Day 1, Week 2


  • Team INES won the Chicken Dinner with 9 kill points
  • Team SouL picked up 11 kill points to get back into top 10
  • SouL’s mid-tournament roster change worked in their favour in Vikendi

There was a surprise in Match 4 of Week 2 of PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) as INES won their first Chicken Dinner of the tournament, dominating Vikendi.

With 9 kill points and 20 placing points, INES got a much-needed boost after an ordinary first week in PMPL South Asia 2020.

INES were involved in a 4 vs 2 battle with SouL in the final zone and topped them with a perfect mix of caution and aggression that left the shout casters ‘flabbergasted’.

Team SouL, who slipped out of the top 10 after Match 3 of Week 2, have moved back into the top 10. SouL clinched 11 kill points to pick up a total of 25 points from the action in Vikendi.

SouL made a mid-tournament change in the roster by bringing in SouLSangwan and he delivered for the team in the high-octane battle in Vikendi.

Orange Rock, who are still on top of the overall points table, showed early glimpses of brilliance when they took out TSM ENTITY. However, they were eliminated in the 11th spot in Match 4.

Big guns Marcos Gaming, Team IND and VSG Crawlers failed to finish inside the top 10 in what was one of the most dramatic matches.

With 4 matches of the day ending, Group E will be in action in the final match of the day. GodLike, who had finished on top of the overall points table after Saturday’s action, trail Orange Rock by 34 points.

Nonetheless, GodLike have 254 points in just 16 matches, 4 less than table-toppers Orange Rock.

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