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MSMEs set new world record for largest online business lesson

Nearly 4 lakh entrepreneurs from MSME sector attended a training session for rebuilding businesses post COVID-19 to create a Guinness World Record of the largest online business lesson, which was viewed for over 98 lakh minutes.

Overall, the online lesson streamed on the Bada Business App on April 24, which garnered over over 7.49 lakh total logins and was watched by 3.78 lakh unique participants with an average concurrency of 50,131 during the four-hour session. It was viewed for a total of 98,54,293 minutes. The session was also attended by a number of participants from other countries.

The attempt created a new world record for the largest online business lesson, involving 18,693 unique viewers for 30 minutes. The previous record was held by a Russian gathering of 12,091 people in 2014, while a similar event earlier attended by 8,000 participants in the US.

Founder and CEO of Bada Business Vivek Bindra said the organisation has also reached out to the Bihar government and is in discussion to begin a pilot programme in the state for training of migrant labourers, which can eventually be expanded to several districts.

In a video press conference, he said Bada Business has forged tie-ups with universities as it estimates 10 lakh students to enrol in a two-year training course next year.

“We are thrilled to have created a world record for the largest online business lesson and we congratulate India’s highly resilient MSME community for this achievement. At a time when the businesses are reeling under the economic impact of COVID-19, our session was attended by such a large number of entrepreneurs looking for professional guidance and help in adapting their businesses during the crisis,” Bindra said.

Bada Business offers small and medium scale enterprises knowledge into business strategies to help them scale up and grow. 

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