Over the last few months, life has changed drastically around the world. Because of COVID-19 pandemic, people everywhere are being asked to stay home in order to reduce the risk of infection. The virus has brought with it a wave of negative outcomes, terrible illness and death, but it also highlighted some important life lessons. Star Indian boxer Vikas Krishan, too, has learnt a few.

In an exclusive chat with Mail today, the Olympic bound boxer shared key takeaways from the lockdown. The 28-year-old spoke about how humans have been living with way more facilities than the basic necessities. How families were missing those in-house chit chats!

“People were running fast, ignoring each other. Even within the family, nobody had time to speak to each other. COVID has brought the family time together. We were all so busy in our lives that forget how important and beautiful life is.

“Most of the time, I was away from my home, family. This forced lockdown put on breaks on everything and I got a chance to spend good time with my family. We sit together, eat together, talk, share our concerns, laugh, get emotional, nostalgic, what else does one need. The COVID has taught us to live every moment of life and not to run after things blindfold,” said Vikas, who is currently in Bhiwani.

The boxer is currently is in sound company of his friend and professional boxer Neeraj Goyat as the duo shifted to Vikas’s farmhouse along with their family before the lockdown.

Asked about his daily routine, Vikas said he is exercising and training with Neeraj. “Neeraj and I train together. It is always nice to train with Neeraj. He understands me well. I also see videos of my opponents and plan accordingly. BFI (Boxing Federation of India) and my coaches (High Performance Director Santiago Nieva and head coach CA Kuttappa) are very helpful. I am in constant touch with them,” he said.

Further asked about his views on opening of stadiums for training, Vikas welcomed the news. “I am really very happy with the news. I know that there are some guidelines for contact sports but that feeling of being in the ring and stadium is awesome. For an athlete, that is really good news. Hopefully, we will get sparring sessions soon. Social distancing is need of the hour and our government did a fantastic job in tackling this pandemic,” he said.

“I haven’t got any information about the boxing camp from the BFI. Let’s see what happens.”

Vikas participated without success in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. He hopes to be third time lucky in Tokyo, even though the postponement of the Games disturbed his momentum. “The bright side is that it gives me one more year to prepare. I can make myself stronger and thus harder to beat,” he said.

“I wanted to win Olympic gold. And this is my best chance. I have got enough time to train for it. If I get enough exposure and training, I will win gold in Tokyo Olympics for sure. The decision of postponing of Olympics was needed. Nothing is more important than human life. I just wish everything get settle soon and people stay safe,” he said.

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