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Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi says the country won’t stop moving forward. 

As world points fingers towards China over global outbreak of coronavirus, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said world will not be same again and China will not stop moving forward. COVID-19 has been an all around test on Chinese social system and governance capacity. It stood the test, displayed its national strengthand shown itself to be a responsible major country.

“After COVID-19, our economy will emerge more stronger and resilient and our people more united and confident. COVID-19 drives home once again that no country, no matter how strong it is, can insulate itself from a global challenge. The disaster wrecks havoc watching from an apparently safe distance and sitting idle will eventually backfire,” Wang Yi said. 

The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also said, “pointing fingers at others will only damaging one’s own reputation. Self-conceit and blame shifting instead of helping any country solve this problem will only hurt other countries’ legitimate rights and interests.”

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