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Cambodia lifts entry ban on travellers from 6 countries

Cambodian authorities have lifted orders issued mid-March that prohibited travellers from Spain, Italy, the UK, Iran, France and the US from entering the country on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new order issued on Wednesday by the Health Ministry, however, requires all those traveling to Cambodia to produce a certificate stating that they had tested negative for COVID-19 and issued in the previous 72 hours prior to their arrival as well as health insurance with a minimum cover of $50,000, reports Efe news.

The measures were not required for foreign diplomats or representative of the international NGOs and Cambodian diplomats and holders of official passports.

Despite the easing of travel restrictions in Cambodia, most international flights in Southeast Asia are cancelled, mainly those from Europe and the US, with travel restrictions in all the countries.

On the website of the Phnom Penh International Airport, one can see the arrival and departure of two international flights to and from several cities of China and South Korea.

Cambodia, which has detected 122 COVID-19 cases with zero deaths, only banned the entry of visitors from the above mentioned six countries and has not imposed strict quarantine measures although it has closed schools, museums, bars and other businesses.

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